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  1. Travel
  2. Go on an African safari
  3. Live in NYC
  4. Leave a lock on a love lock bridge
  5. Leave a letter at the Elephant House Cafe
  6. Leave a letter at Juliet’s House
  7. Ride a dogsled
  8. Ride a gondola
  9. Go hang-gliding, skydiving, and bungee jumping
  10. Ride a hot air balloon
  11. Straddle the international date line
  12. Publish a book
  13. Make it on the New York Times Best-Seller list
  14. See my work come to life onscreen
  15. Attend an award show or a film premiere
  16. Walk down the aisle and exchange wedding vows
  17. Become a mother
  18. Graduate U of T with a BA
  19. Attend grad school and graduate with a Master’s degree
  20. Meet J.K. Rowling
  21. See Idina Menzel perform live
  22. Watch a Broadway show
  23. See Wicked, Chicago, and Rent live
  24. Stay in a five-star hotel
  25. See an international sporting even live (i.e. The Olympics, World Cup, etc.)
  26. Own cats (in the plural) and a dog
  27. Swim with dolphins and/or sharks and/or whales
  28. Scuba-dive
  29. Go paint-balling
  30. Score a winning goal
  31. Run a mini-marathon
  32. Learn the “Time of my Life” dance with someone
  33. Learn to meditate
  34. Release a paper lantern
  35. Be part of a successful flash mob
  36. Have my own library with a window seat
  37. Go on a cruise
  38. Take a train ride across Canada
  39. Donate blood
  40. Cut my hair for cancer
  41. Go mountain-climbing
  42. Go to a cat cafe
  43. Go geocaching
  44. Stay in a treehouse hotel
  45. Take a cooking/baking course
  46. Give a standing ovation speech
  47. Watch all the movies on this list
  48. Read all the books on this list
  49. Overcome all mental illnesses
  50. Be loved until the day I die