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*Even though I’ve lived in Canada for almost half my life, have never been a victim of sexual abuse, and am in a very happy relationship with a man

(Inspired by the amazing Laci Green’s feminism videos, and the not-so-amazing “Women Against Feminism” movements)

First off, because the majority of people (including very influential celebrities) still can’t get these two definitions straight:

feminism, n. the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men

misandry, n. hatred of men

  1. Because many movements like Women Against Feminism still exists, and so many actually believe that there is no problem.
  2. Because yes, there actually are quite a few hundred laws regulating women’s choices and their rights to their own body, all over the world.
  3. Because many studies have shown that women in higher positions of power are often disliked by both men and women, because they appear “intimidating” and don’t fit into the “nice and nurturing” stereotype. Powerful men, on the other hand, do not suffer from this same bias from either sex. (See Heidi/Howard experiment)
  4. Because I always subconsciously try to not come off as too ambitious, competitive, or over-achieving when I am with people I don’t know well.
  5. Just because I live a privileged life in Canada doesn’t mean that I am ignorant to the rest of the world, where the majority of women are oppressed.
  6. Because I don’t find it amusing when I’m told to “get back in the kitchen,” regardless of who’s speaking and whether or not they’re joking.
  7. Because my vice principal made a public announcement in high school that girls were not allowed to wear tank tops and other revealing clothing because “we don’t want to distract the boys.”
  8. Because I can think of about two films right now that pass the Bechdel test.
  9. Because with me, my brother is the sweetest, most generous and loving person ever. I hate that he becomes a totally different person when he’s with his friends because it’s “not cool” to be sensitive and caring as a guy.
  10. Because guys who like smart girls? Eww.
  11. Because I have so many male friends who are afraid to seek help or cry for fear of seeming like a “pussy.” Or basically, like a girl.
  12. Because when my depressed friend went to see a psychologist, he advised her to “get a boyfriend. That would help.”
  13. Because my male friend doesn’t feel like he can study what he likes (music and French) since he’s under so much pressure to “bear the burden of providing for the family.”
  14. Because the line between confidence and arrogance is much more lenient for men than for women.
  15. Because the previous point means that women are much less likely to speak up against minor inequalities because they are taught that being polite and well-liked matters more than being strong and assertive.
  16. Because my mother’s friend’s (ex) husband left his wife when she birthed him two girls.
  17. Because on our giant family tree tapestry in Vietnam, only the males are noted. I don’t exist.
  18. Because every time we have a large group gathering, the women clump in the kitchen and the men relax in the living room and chat.
  19. Because my dad never once changed my diapers.
  20. Because the greatest thing my grandmother ever wished for me to be was a model. And for my brother? The president of the United States of America.
  21. Because of this “harrowingly stupid equity plan” that the University of Toronto’s Student Union put into place and this tweet from our ex-president. Why can’t we all just be seen as human?
  22. Because in many places, including where I was born, it is considered the utmost shame to have your wife make more money than you.
  23. “Feminists refuse to acknowledge that the gender pay gap is the result of their own choices, not sexism. Women are less likely to take high paying jobs.” Well, yes, they’re less likely to, BECAUSE THEY AREN’T HIRED. Nor are they encouraged to.
  24. Because women may have the same legal rights as men in Canada or America, but just because women won’t get fired for taking a long maternity leave doesn’t mean that they won’t be passed by for a promotion or discriminated against at work. It’s the unspoken inequalities that hurt most.
  25. Because yeah, I actually am interrupted by men all the time. Never once have I seen a woman not apologize when she interrupted, but most of the time, men don’t even notice when they do it.
  26. Because I’d feel like a “bitch on her period” if I ever called someone out on that.
  27. Because of the slut/stud double standard.
  28. Because I don’t feel safe walking home by myself in the dark.
  29. Because I hate how self-conscious I feel when I wear a short skirt out, as if labels are already flying my way from every glance.
  30. Because I have known too many women who have been physically hit by their partners. Yes, in Canada. No, they didn’t break up.
  31. Because almost every time, these victims of violence end up blaming themselves. How wrong is that?
  32. Because “taking responsibility for your actions” doesn’t really apply when you’ve been raped, abused, or murdered.
  33. Because it’s still my responsibility at a nightclub to make sure I don’t “give the wrong impression” even though there are strange guys putting their hands on my body.
  34. Because some men still seem to think that sex and dating are things that should be owed to them. A girl was stabbed to death because she turned down a prom date. Just several months ago, six women ended up dead for it.
  35. Because when a friend posted a status on Facebook about Eliot Rodger’s mass shooting, some of the first few comments were “This is 252 words worth of misandry” and “I sense a 1st year Political Science or Women’s Study class really hit home with you.”
  36. Because splitting the bill should not be such a rare and foreign concept in dating anymore. Is it really that hard to pay for what you eat?
  37. Because this double standard regarding domestic violence.
  38. And this.
  39. Because women are still portrayed in the media as sex objects. Because their bodies make headlines a gazillion more times than their minds and their achievements.
  40. Because this whole campaign against feminism is way too successful. “Fear of the name only increases fear of the thing itself.” (JKR) And it only makes everything worse.

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