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wanderlust, n.: a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about

I had lived in four countries (Vietnam, Japan, USA, & Canada) by the time I was eleven. Still, all I could remember wanting was to see more of the world. I fell in love with the sight of the ocean and cobblestone streets before I knew what love was. There is so much beauty out there, so much history, and a million different ways that the air can smell. Looking through a travel bucket list I’d made in grade 8, I saw unlimited ambitions like “the moon,” “the top of Mount Everest,” and “the Mariana Trench.” Anchored by responsibility and finances, my plans have become slightly more realistic since then, but not by much. Why should our dreams grow smaller as we get older? I don’t want to deem anything impossible when there is so much out there. So here is a complete travel bucket list, however far-fetched, as of age 18. I’ve got my whole life ahead of me.

  1. UK: Edinburgh (Elephant House Cafe); London (King’s Cross Station, platform 9 3/4); Stonehenge
  2. Italy: Verona (Casa di Giulietta); Leaning Tower of Pisa; Naples (Pompei); Florence; Siena; Venice Canals; Rome (Colosseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill, all the gorgeous churches and basilicas); Ristorante Grotta Palazzese; Procida
  3. Vatican City: St. Peter’s Basilica & Square, the Sistine Chapel
  4. France: Paris (Tour Eiffel, Champs Élysées, Louvre, Notre Dame, Pont des Arts, l’Arc de Triomphe); Versailles; Hotel Moulin de Roc
  5. Germany: Berlin; Munich; Nuremberg; Bastei Bridge in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains
  6. Spain: Madrid; Seville; Barcelona; San Sebastián; Alcázar of Segovia
  7. Greece: Athens; The Acropolis (The Parthenon); Mount Olympus; Crete & surrounding islands; Melissani Cave
  8. Austria: Vienna; Salzburg; Hallstat
  9. Czech Republic: Prague
  10. Switzerland: Zurich; Geneva; Aescher
  11. Belgium: Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges
  12. Netherlands: Amsterdam
  13. Denmark: Copenhagen (The Little Mermaid)
  14. Hungary: Budapest
  15. Ukraine: The Tunnel of Love
  16. Poland: Warsaw; Krakow
  17. Turkey: Pamukkale Hot Springs; Cappadocia
  18. The Dead Sea
  19. Australia: Sydney (Sydney Harbour); The Great Barrier Reef; Uluru; Lake Hillier; Melbourne; Lord Howe Island
  20. New Zealand: Glowworms Cave
  21. The Himalayas
  22. India: Agra (Taj Mahal)
  23. The Maldives: Sea of Stars
  24. Cambodia: Angkor Wat
  25. China: Shanghai; Beijing; The Great Wall; Tianzi Mountains; Reed Flute Caves; Zhangye Danxia Landform
  26. Egypt: Giza (Pyramids); Cairo; Luxor
  27. Libya: Leptis Magna
  28. Kenya: Masai Mara
  29. South Africa: Cape Town
  30. Iceland: Skaftafell Ice Cave; The Blue Lagoon; Þingvallavatn Lake
  31. Ireland: Giant’s Causeway
  32. Canada: The Northern Lights; Banff National Park; Vancouver; Victoria; Eastern coast
  33. USA: Arizona (Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon); Florida (Wizarding World of Harry Potter); Ice Castle; Hawaii (Haiku Stairs); Alaska; Las Vegas Strip; Santa Fe
  34. Peru: Machu Picchu
  35. Brazil: Rio; The Amazon; Alter do Chao (Island of Love)
  36. Bolivia: Salar De Uyuni
  37. Venezuela: Angel Falls
  38. Colombia: Caño Cristales River
  39. Chile: Patagonia Marble Caves; Easter Island
  40. Ecuador: Galapagos Islands

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