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This video embraces everything that I believe in. It doesn’t take greatness to be a hero, or a loud voice to be a leader. It doesn’t take wealth or status to find happiness and meaning. A life well lived is simply a life of love.

I wish I could see such pure goodness every day. We rush past each other like ghosts on the subway, with no human connection. I am guilty of it too. But just imagine how much of a better place the world could be if kids were taught to aim for kindness instead of aim for good grades, to gain an education instead of attain a career, to look down at the ones below us before we rise up. Yes, maybe some efficiency has to be sacrificed; maybe progress won’t happen at the speed of a new cellphone every few months. But we are moving faster than we can handle. There are so many ways for better living, and decreasingly fewer things to live for.