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  1. There are only 168 hours in a week.
  2. Productivity and happiness should have a positive relationship. When it turns into an inverse relationship, it’s time to cut back.
  3. When in doubt, choose immediate happiness. Fog happiness isn’t always enough. (Fog happiness is the happiness you experience after doing activities that cause you stress and anxiety, i.e. planning an event)
  4. Public transit can really screw you over.
  5. Never drive in downtown Toronto.
  6. When you feel panic rising, ask yourself, “is there anything I can do right now?”
  7. First impressions aren’t always accurate. Give people a chance.
  8. It’s okay to ask for help.
  9. You’ll never feel ready for anything. Do it anyway. The build-up is often scarier than the task itself.
  10. Writing shitty first drafts is always better than writing nothing at all.
  11. Even the greatest artist would be nothing without self-promotion.
  12. Food trucks are God’s blessing.
  13. Carry cash.
  14. There is definitely such thing as a stupid adult. Some people never grow up.
  15. There are many facets to every issue and every person learns and experiences lessons differently; even the most confident people can be wrong because they have only experienced the few viewpoints available to them.
  16. You will always end up back where your heart belongs. Recognize that pull. Recognize your passions, your talents, and follow them.
  17. It is possible for a woman to look in the mirror and think she is beautiful.
  18. Functional relationships don’t come around every day. Communication, compatibility, and balance are the keys.
  19. Make food. Bring food. Or else you’ll be stuck every day making a choice between being healthy and having money.
  20. You think you know what you’ll major in. Think again. And again.
  21. No one has their shit together.
  22. Free food is currency.
  23. Good friends are the best part of any human life.
  24. The worst experiences are a learner’s fuel.
  25. Kindness and success do not have an inverse relationship.
  26. It is so much easier to blurt out what makes you unhappy rather than keep it in and sulk.
  27. There are a lot of things in life that can be explained with the principles of economics (i.e. relationships, etc.).
  28. There is nothing wrong with being a Barista if you absolutely love being a Barista.
  29. Learning how to rest well is just as important as learning how to work well.
  30. “Art is not water; it is wine.” (Prof. Nick Mount)