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  1. Food trucks everywhere!
  2. Elections are no longer won by stupid memes. There are actual platforms and question periods that people take seriously. (But sometimes they can last straight from 5PM-12AM which isn’t as fun.)
  3. Every day is different. Every week is different.
  4. There are so many more formal events and so many chances to dress up!
  5. Dances are no longer giant hormone-ridden grinding pits. They’re actually classy and quite enjoyable.
  6. There are student lounges with nice sofas everywhere.
  7. There are also libraries everywhere.
  8. Puppy therapy.
  9. Bake sales every day.
  10. No one yells at you for having food in class. Or for sleeping.
  11. The weekdays aren’t that different from the weekends, which can be taken badly for some, but I personally like it.
  12. There’s a club for everything, and so many courses to choose from. So many options!
  13. Dating is no longer so uptight, awkward, and formal. It’s more fun, more mature and relaxed. It can be defined by whatever boundaries you choose.
  14. No one scrutinizes you enough to judge. No one cares if you’re eating lunch alone.
  15. Being downtown.
  16. Everyone has an opinion and most people know what they’re talking about, finally! Intelligent conversation is a regular thing!
  17. Everyone has a love of learning; the academic atmosphere is so vibrant and stimulating.
  18. No more robo-cop! No one pushes you for a reason as to why you were late or missed class. You do what you choose. No one chases after you.
  19. No more grade inflation. It was nice having a 95% average in high school, but I think it’s nicer having a real sense of where you stand, even if that’s 10% lower. You really learn your true strengths and weaknesses.
  20. What you do has meaning; you choose the courses and the activities that matter to you.
  21. You learn so incredibly much about the world, about yourself, your life and relationships, and that knowledge is unbelievably thrilling and uplifting.