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  • Understand that accepting your body is a very long process. No one wakes up one day, looks in the mirror, and suddenly loves their body. There will be days when we feel confident and days we won’t like one aspect of our appearance, or even anything at all. That’s human. The goal is to have the good days outnumber the bad ones as much as possible.
  • Accept that people have different body structures. Some are big boned and some are short and some have wide hips or flat chests and that’s more than okay. There are many aspects of our bodies that are totally out of our control. Men and women do not have to aspire for a formulaic body type. Every shape and size is beautiful.
  • Aim for health, not for image. Love and accept all bodies, especially yours, but with the aim to be healthy. The reason obesity is a problem is because of health conditions. Work out, exercise, and eat a balanced diet in order to maintain strength, energy, and health, not to lose weight and look skinny.
  • Don’t think of terms like “fat” or “overweight” as a negative term or insult. It is an adjective with highly negative connotations and is often used inappropriately. If you were born with a large body, there is very little you can and should do to not be socially considered “fat.” It’s not a bad thing if you are healthy. Similarly, if you are a short person, there is little you can do to avoid being called “short.”
  • Surround yourself with positive people and positive energy. They will lift you and your confidence incredibly and give you the energy to overcome the bad days.
  • Don’t be afraid to drop the people and things that bring you down. Even if takes a lot of sacrifice and courage, it will be worth it. Take that leap of faith and it will make you feel so much better.
  • Spread the positive vibes and love. Don’t judge others; see the beauty in everyone and let them know that they’re beautiful. Support each other.
  • Accept that Haters Gonna Hate. There will always be critics. No matter what you do, there will always be people who don’t like it, who don’t like you, who find the negative in everything and bring you down. That’s inevitable and totally out of your control. Don’t let the fear of being judged cripple you.
  • Don’t look at the number on the scale. It’s just a number, and muscle weighs more than fat. As I have realized personally, you can work out and gain so much flexibility and endurance, and not even lose a pound. That shouldn’t be the goal.
  • Make yourself look and feel beautiful creatively. Accessorize with creative jewelry and flattering clothes. Change your hair colour, get a tattoo, or piercings, or whatever you like.
  • Cling to what you love. Doing things you love will bring you energy, confidence, happiness, and passion. This positivity is contagious and will contribute so much to personal growth and development.
  • Remember that your body does not hold you back from anything. Don’t be afraid to attend certain events or parties because you feel like your body will be out of place. For example, don’t avoid the gym because a lot of intense people are working out and you feel that you are inferior and will be judged. Just go right ahead and use confidence as your shield.
  • Remember your self-worth. You are worth so much more than your body type. Do not settle. If someone truly loves you, they will not say “Oh, this person is thinner and prettier so our relationship is over.” Trust that. Have the confidence to hold out and not settle just because you feel like you have to, or don’t have any better options. Don’t respond to people you aren’t interested in. Don’t feel like you owe anyone anything because of how your body looks. Have the confidence to say no and yes to sex, new opportunities, fashion styles, and everything in life.