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A brilliant short film defining the 7 stages of a relationship (meeting, chase, honeymoon, comfortable, tolerance, downhill, break up).

I hate this video, and yet I adore it at the same time. It has without a doubt changed my way of thinking about relationships. All the posts I write about love reference either a concept or idea brought to light by this video, and/or the stages (they have become my standard terminology). This movie is incredibly perceptive, very educational, and easily accessible. I think that it strikes a great balance between intelligence and emotion.

However, it has haunted me. I love deeply, but almost always with a thin layer of dread at the back of my mind. How long ’till the next stage? How much will it hurt to just be strangers with faded memories? I dislike the black and white negativity that this video portrays– as though a painful break up is inevitable, save for marriage. Arguably, this is true. But there are so many more nuances to a relationship than that and there is so much more to take and consider than becoming strangers again. Every couple is different, and a “break up” can mean different things.

To the film’s credit, I love how it emphasizes the point of relationships as shared moments of growth and joy despite them not lasting forever. Sometimes things don’t work forever, but what matters is how much you appreciate every experience and learn from it.