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When I came across the headline of “recreating a first date” in an article online, I took it to mean recreating the first meeting as strangers. I suggested the idea to my boyfriend and we made plans to try it out. However, when I went back to actually read the article on the morning of our date, I found it to merely mean recreating the setting of a first date, to reminisce. But by that time, we had made our plans. Besides, we had never really had an interesting and well-defined first date. So we just went ahead with the stranger idea. And although I’m sure I was far from the only person who thought of this, it was nonetheless unusual and very much a shot in the dark for us.


Rules: No contact or interaction for a day in advance. Act like strangers meeting on a blind date. Do not break character. Kiss breaks the spell.

Suggestions: Dinner would be the best setting for this type of date as it allows for easy conversation (as opposed to a movie or show). It’s also better if the couple is well into the “comfortable” stage.


The first thing that struck me was how nervous I was feeling just before the date. I was getting butterflies, and worrying over if this was a good idea. Perhaps we wouldn’t find anything to say and it would be bland and boring. Since we’d been together for so long, it had been a while since I’d felt that way about a date. We had arranged to meet up at a pasta place at 6pm (and I was 10 minutes late as usual). The conversation started off with basic talk about our classes and academic interests and aspirations. It then went off into family, pets, hobbies, personal interests, etc. It was “getting to know someone” talk, and definitely things we already knew about each other. However, there were definitely some interesting twists.

  • We were being much more courteous and attentive than usual. This gave us both a chance to elaborate more on our daily lives, such as details about the individual classes we were taking, with the other’s full attention. We paid a lot of care to our words and made real effort to keep the conversation flowing smoothly. There were no complacency, no interruptions, and we were fully alert and respectful.
  • Since we knew each other so well, it was hilarious to ask such obvious questions about each other. I actually had a couple minute long laughing fits throughout the dinner. All our inside jokes and odd quirks suddenly became more interesting in a whole new light.

The best part about the evening was getting to rediscover each other– to fall in love for the second time without all the insecurities and awkward phases. And it really did take us back and made us realize how far we’d come. The moments leading up to the “first” kiss felt as tentative yet deliberate as the first, as if we were really finding each other. This time, it was love at first sight.

Overall rating: 5/5. Definitely one of the best nights and date ideas I’ve ever had.