1. Frosh week is designed for a very specific type of person.
  2. Being an introvert can really suck.
  3. It’s okay to if you don’t make a dozen immediate life long friends. True friends will come along.
  4. Being on the sidelines is not a bad thing if you’re happy there.
  5. It takes time. That’s alright.
  6. You will realize you have already made mistakes. That’s alright too.
  7. People will change.
  8. Change is not necessarily a bad thing.
  9. “You cannot save people. You can only love them.” (Anaïs Nin)
  10. Some people don’t want to be saved anyway.
  11. The definition of a social life differs for everyone.
  12. Take advantage of the free fitness classes.
  13. It’s better to opt for the healthier option, even if it’s a little pricier.
  14. Audition for something crazy, just for fun.
  15. The people who want to stay will stay.
  16. You will reconsider everything at least once (if not once every few hours).
  17. No one cares (in a good way).
  18. Frosh week may have felt like high school, but this is not high school.
  19. There is no environment as academically stimulating as a university campus.
  20. I can see why these are the best years.