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Every person has different standards and different pet peeves. Voilà my top deal-breakers when it comes to a romantic partner.

  1. He is arrogant. This leads to selfishness & self righteousness as well.
  2. He is too dependentIt is so important in a healthy relationship to lead fulfilling lives separately. Someone who demands too much of your time will just take away from personal growth instead of adding to it.
  3. He is disrespectful. This includes disrespect towards everything and everyone, but especially towards family, privacy, and personal interests.
  4. He is a pessimist. I am an idealist. I can’t stand people who see the worst in everything and act like they’re victims of circumstance. It kills happiness.
  5. He has no ambition and no drive for knowledge. I definitely need someone who can hold insightful conversations. And I couldn’t see any future with a person uninterested in personal growth.
  6. He acts like a different person in public. It seems fake and dishonest.
  7. He is entirely close-minded. A good partner should be someone who is willing to take advice, adapt to chance, and be open to different ideas and opinions.