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  1. Parents do not know everything. They are not always right.
  2. Love is never a flawless fairy-tale. But there are fairy-tale moments that make it worthwhile.
  3. Everything meaningful requires effort and sacrifice.
  4. Don’t follow your heart without taking your brain with you.
  5. There is always a future.
  6. Focus on yourself and your happiness first and foremost.
  7. There is never a perfect time.
  8. Good things come when you’re not looking.
  9. It’s better to have fewer good friends than many casual acquaintances.
  10. Keep busy.
  11. Do what you like.
  12. Every good person strives to be a Hufflepuff (modest, humble, honest, selfless, loyal).
  13. Time heals miraculously well.
  14. Try. Take chances. But don’t feel the need to always follow through.
  15. You don’t owe anyone anything.
  16. The best relationships help each other grow.
  17. Balance is everything.
  18. Do what it takes to feel beautiful and confident.
  19. Love is everything.
  20. There is nothing like friendship.
  21. Only regret what you didn’t appreciate.
  22. Lessons can be very hard to learn.
  23. Make time for what matters.
  24. Alone isn’t always lonely.
  25. Take advantage of sleep.
  26. You can do better than microwave dinners.
  27. Sometimes the one you want is not the one you need.
  28. It’s alright if you don’t know what you need.
  29. Act the way you want to feel.
  30. Never give more than you receive.
  31. Being single is more time to succeed in personal growth.
  32. Take time and make the effort to get to know and love yourself.
  33. Extroverts do have it easier and popularity is not a myth.
  34. To be popular, you have to be willing to step on a few people on the way up.
  35. Just because someone acts flirty or sweet does not mean they’re interested in a relationship.
  36. Stop assuming and stop over-analyzing.
  37. Art (music and books especially) can change moods.
  38. Advice is easy to give and hard to follow.
  39. Physical health affects attitude and happiness.
  40. The good memories are the ones that kill.
  41. Hard work may not get you everywhere, but passion will.
  42. Letting go is hard, but it’s necessary when certain things become too heavy.
  43. Spending more on one good purchase is better than less on a few mediocre ones.
  44. Beauty comes from within.
  45. Don’t settle.
  46. People are always more complicated than they appear.
  47. Nothing is written in stone.
  48. The only conversations worth having are the ones that improve on silence.
  49. It’s okay to enjoy the simple silly things.
  50. You will miss moments you never expected to miss.